Bob Corell's Ministerial Briefing on Climate Change

Hilary Mason on Creativity: Art | Hacks | Business

Gloria Steinem on The Importance of Civic Engagement

Butternut Street Akido Dojo, Washington DC

Abstractions on a Bedsheet, Bill Etra USF/Tampa

Ministerial Briefing on Global Climate Change

I met Bob Corell at Digital Earth 5 in 2008 where he presented the Ministerial Briefing on Climate Change that he created during his tenure as the Program Director at the H. John Heinz Center for Science, Economics and the Environment.

His presentation seemed to me to be the "Graduate School Version" of "An Inconvient Truth." In order to make Dr. Corell's presentation available to a wider audience, I worked with him to record the presentation and upload it to YouTube. See Top Left Embeded Video Playlist

UrbanReThink | An Experimental Community Organization

Worked to help support and extend the reach of UrbanReThink an experimental facility that where cyberspace intersected with Orlando creating a community space for serendipity. Identified opportunities to nurture community with lectures by speakers who were in Orlando presenting at a National or International event at Disney or the Orange County Convention Center. See Hilary Mason's Presentation on Left

In order to make UrbanReThink programming content available to a wider national and global audience, I worked with UR staff and other members of the community to videotape and/or livestream events. See Gloria Steinem's Presentation on Left

Even though UrbanReThink has closed its doors, views of the Youtube content has reached over 10,000 people and continues to grow.

Problem Solving Skills in the Sciences | NSF

Teamed with Educational Publisher Synergistic Educational Technology Systems (SETS) and Columbia Community College to secure funding from National Science Foundation to develop a supplimental interactive cirricula materials for teaching problem solving skills for physics, chemisty and biology at the community college level.

Inital Grant was for creating the instructional video segments, software and laser discs. A follow on NSF grant was received based on review of completed cirricula materials for the hardware deplyoment and evaluation of the effectiveness of the instructional materials.

Butternut Street Aikido Shobukan Dojo | Idea Propagation

In an effort to introduce the spiritual practice of Akido to Washington D.C. I helped to realize the Aikido Shobukan Dojo along with Kim Barnes. We constructed the the first practice space and shared the risk for leasing the facility to create a Dojo for Satome Sensi to create a community space in DC in which to learn Akido. See video on Left

Abstractions on a Bedsheet | Early Digitally Generated Art

In 1973, on the occasion of Bill Etra's lecture at USF during the first year of operation of SYCOM I helped to Bill realize "Abstractions on a Bedsheet" by booking the DEC PDP 11 Mini-Computer, music recording studio, video equipment and enrolled additional programming help with for the project. See video on Left

Up to that point in time, most computer generated art consisted of text images printed on paper with a line printer or CRT displays captured on 16 mm film such as Stan VanderBeek's work with Ken Knowlton at Bill Labs.

Early E-Commerce Systems

Multiple Display System Patent US 4884068 A

Designed and built the first point and click Hypertext E-Commerce System with sub-second response time for ordering renewal parts for complex systems in 1984. The inital project was developed for Steam Turbine Generator Appratus and was funded in part by Westinghouse's Energy Systems Division, now Siemens Energy.

The second and third generation systems were built with the assistance of several talented Orlando programmers and Gary Orwig who established the Instructional Systems master’s program at UCF. Some key members of the development team are referenced on the patent disclosures below.

Multiple Display System Patent US 4884068 A

Software was copyrighted and a patent was filed and issued for the user interface design. The system predated the invention of Microsoft Windows and the invention of resistive or capacitive touch screens and used a light pin initially. A mouse was added as a pointing device after the introduction of the IBM PC.

Images were retrived from an Sony twelve (12) inch laser optical disc and were syncronized to the graphics cards in the computer.

Electronic Maintenance Support Work Station US 5146404 A

Lydig, Voit and Meyer was retained by Westinghouse Electric and I worked with Jeffy Wyand, to procute the U.S. patent for the system software. Patents for the system have also granted by the Canadian, EU and Japaneese Patent Authorities.

As of April 2021, there are now over thirty (30) Google U.S. patents and another 137 U.S. patents by various domestic and international corporations that reference the intellectual property disclosed in the patents.

Interactive Training & Simulation Projects

Developed an AN/SQQ-89 Part Task Simulator Trainer for the Naval Underwater Warfare Center. Responsible for design, prototyping, sofware methodology for courseware development and aceptance testing of delivered systems. 16 Mil+ Project

Multiple Display System Patent US 4884068 A

The AN/SQQ-89 Undersea Warfare Combat System is a naval anti-submarine warfare system for surface warships. The system presents an integrated picture of the tactical situation by receiving, combining and processing active and passive sensor data from the hull-mounted array, towed array and sonobuoys. AN/SQQ-89 is integrated with the AEGIS combat system and provides a full range of USW functions including active and passive sensors and underwater fire control.

Trident Shipboard Trainer

Developed the hardware platform for a shipboard trainer for General Dynamics's Electric Boat Division for use on board the Trident Submarine fleet. Developed first prototype for acceptance testing and then supplied 10 additional units for a deployment test.

POTS-Portable Onboard Training and Maintance Device for Trident Submarine

Developed the hardware platform for POTS a Portable Onboard Training and Maintance System for General Dynamics's Electric Boat Division to eliminate the 5 Tons of paper documentation carried on board the Trident Submarine. Monochrome LCD display with embedded flat screen color Triniton prototype and prototype CD-ROM from Sony Corporation.